Amsterdam Brownie to Edibles in DC

Many years ago, in the bustling tourist filled streets of Amsterdam, my unexpected journey was ending. I had soared in a plane across the world to reconnect with an old friend. After catching up over drinks and food for a few days we decided to take a high-speed train into the Netherlands.

While we were there we smoked marijuana in cafes, enjoyed some hash in the park and walked through a museum on LSA. To end the trip we each ate a massive 250mg brownie. Until then, my experience with edibles had been always been that they tasted like weed, but what followed was a nice surprise. As I bit into the fudgy brownie all I tasted was chocolate, no weed taste or strange taste, just pure delight.

As we rode the train back, high as the clouds, I marveled at the wonders of Amsterdam and the weed brownie that didn't taste like weed. It wouldn't be until many years later that I discovered how a tasteless edible could be made.

Over the years I learned that THC distillate was more than likely used to make that delicious Amsterdam brownie. THC distillate, in its purest form, is a completely odorless and almost completely colorless and tasteless concentrate. It is extremely sticky, viscous and annoying to deal with. It is used primarily to fill cartridges and make edibles. Since it is almost tasteless it is ideal for making edibles.

Fast forward some years later, add a serendipitous meeting with a talented baker and voila! Cannabake DC was born. Armed with my partners amazingly delicious recipes, we were ready to bring a higher standard of edibles and marijuana delivery to Washington D.C.

We've all heard the stories surrounding edibles, either people get too high, not high at all or worse, end up sick. With distillate it's very easy to obtain accurate dosing to ensure that no one gets sick. And best of all since distillate has almost no taste the desserts are very tasty!

If you've been in D.C. for a while and you're no stranger to taking edibles, then you know that getting edibles in D.C. is hit or miss. (The whole delivery service industry is hit or miss, but that's an article for another time.) I've tried a few of the prepackaged edibles and didn't get high at all, I've had a few friends swear by some prepackaged stuff, but more often what I hear is that they do nothing or it gave them a headache.

I can't attest to all of the prepackaged edibles, but I know for sure a lot of them, sadly, are just ineffective. Unfortunately, you are better off making edibles yourself or grabbing some homemade goodies from one of D.C.'s marijuana delivery services that have house made edibles. At least then you know what you're getting will be work.

Many of the prepackaged edibles aren't even made with distillate or cannabis butter. They are instead sprayed with a THC spray or a brown to blackish liquid. They often aren't even made by one manufacturer. Different distributers purchase fake packaging and put their own edibles in so you don't really know what your getting. Quality control is almost non existent.

There are instructional videos circulating on the internet showing these edibles being "made" and they are thoroughly unappetizing I assure you. No one wants to see their food being sprayed with some brown liquid, but don't you fret all you stoners and edible lovers out there, because salvation has arrived.

A few services in D.C. now offer home made edibles! No longer will you have to wonder if they will work or if you're going to get sick. No longer will you have to suffer through weird tasting edibles. A new and scrumptious era has begun!

And from all of us at Cannabake DC, we would like to say, we hope to see you soon, on Earth or on the moon, so grab yourself a delicious treat, put on your favorite show and have a seat, take a bite and last but not least, have a great day and Bon Appetit!

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