1) We've stopped doing pick-ups in set locations! If you'd like to set a location for "pick up" please submit it under delivery and we'll meet you there! If you'd like help picking a location, please submit a random address and write a note in the comments that you'd rather us choose a spot.
Our final delivery at night for deliveries that incur a delivery fee is around an hour before we close to ensure couriers can make it back on time.


Donation difference: For each type of edible the initial one will be $4/$2, each addition same edible will be $1 extra (3x V. Snickerdoodle will be $6 charge/ 3x GF. Snickerdoodle will be $4 charge)We can make you almost anything. If you have a special request for any occasion give us a call or text! (202) 424-3760